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Omarian Atman Legacy of Light

Omarian Atman Legacy of Light

50% Off Birthday readings when scheduled in advanced with and choice of a Legacy Astrology Reading.

"I personally would like to thank you for being open to finding the right tools to assist you in transforming your life in a more optimal way that works for you. All of us here and I, hope you enjoy the wonderful and magical discovery of you with us."


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Legacy Activation

Source Connection

Update your body's software by stepping into the light of health and wellness where east meets west and reach your health goals. 


Click here to find out the types of services we offer with Accu Light Wellness or click the link below to book your next Accu Light Wellness session today.






You know how they say that people do not come with instructions when they are born? Well, the reality is we do. From helping to find your life path and even the type of partner that best suits you. 


Click here to find out more or click the link below to book your next Legacy Astrology™ reading today.

Need assistance from long distance? Find out how to activate and optimize your inner light to help you with health and life conditions that seem like insurmountable obstacles. 


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Choosing the right session for you is as easy as one two three 

You can choose one or all three session types to fit your health goals and lifestyle for exp; If you want to get through a health concern or improve your athletic performance then choose Accu Light Wellness. If you would like to know your path in life, the best place to live, and if your partner is good for you to choose Legacy Astrology. If you would like a deep health and consciousness shift and are too far away for an in-person session, then choose Legacy Effect. Remember, choosing any session will bring you to the member area when you can add any assortment and combination of session types that we offer to fit your needs.



50% off all services for Aries-born people born between March 21 - April 19th.

The offer begins on March 21 and ends on April 19

2021 at 11:45 pm mountain standard time.

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Kurt E.

Marian del Ray CA

Accu Light Wellness:


Quit Smoking


"I don't know what to say. I had a nicotine addiction for over 20 years and began to see it as just part of my life. So when it was mentioned to me that working with Omarian's Acu Light techniques would rid me of the craving, I was...

Saj P.

London UK

Legacy Astrology


"I have been using secret astrology services for many years as a tool to better navigate my own life. To unravel hidden obstacles and find the solutions to them, as well as increase my own good fortune..

Samantha D.

Washington D.C.

Legacy Effect


"Hi and hello from Washington DC. I wanted to make sure that my results with my health lasted so I waited for two months before writing this...

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